Catering Companies Brisbane: Tips for making the most of your event

Whether you are considering hosting a party or setting up your own catering business, you do need to be pretty sharp when it comes to planning a menu. The right caterer knows the value of setting up a great menu. They make sure that everything they do is organized and the party should keep flowing no matter what.

The following catering tips for beginners are sure to make any event successful. These include:

The preparation

Make sure that you are prepared in advance. When it comes to planning an event its necessary that you have all the important information in one place. The event, the people who would be attending the event as well as the venue would play a major role in influencing the food which you keep at the event.

The cold dishes need to be prepared first and kept in the freezer. However some components which could be high risk like a salad dressing should be prepared at the last moment. Besides that all items for the cold salad must be diced and frozen beforehand to prevent rush on the day of the catering.

Also make sure that you have plenty of extra cutlery and all of those are in good condition. Get rid of the chipped plates and glasses as these would have a negative impression on your guests. Early preparation is beneficial when hosting larger parties.

Organizing the menu

Make sure you are aware of the party which you are catering for. Knowing about who would be attending or what the actual event is would help planning a menu much easier. Consider the guest, their preference and what they would appreciate. Choose main entrees carefully. Go for something which is enjoyed by all. While you might be tempted to experiment with certain food but it’s advisable to play it safe for the first two or three events.

Make hygiene a priority

All the food which you source, store and prepare should be handled hygienically. Use chopping boards which are color coordinated to avoid cross contamination. Meats should be kept separate from vegetables and so on. All the food items must be stored at the proper temperature. The day of the event everything should be prepared in the safest and cleanest way possible. This would create a great impression in the mind of your guests.

Choose a menu which is practical

When preparing a menu it should be uncluttered and focused. There shouldn’t be a great deal going on or you would simply leave the guests confused. Try to add three or four items which would work. Go for something diverse yet palatable. The key is to use dishes which share ingredients so you save time and your budget remains intact as well.

Keeping the above mentioned things in mind would help make look for catering companies. On the other hand if catering isn’t your cup of tea you could always hire professional catering services in Brisbane to make you event successful.